Friday, September 14, 2007

Top 11 Best Named Cities in North Dakota

North Dakota has to be the most boring state in the union, but that doesn’t mean that their towns have boring names. Here are the top 11 city names in North Dakota:

11. Reynolds – The town founders were blatantly pandering for an Instapundit link

10. Beach – The most fraudulent name since MoveOn

9. Hoople – Believe it or not, there is also a Mott, North Dakota

8. Gwinner – A town full of Glosers?

7. Fargo – It is a real city, not just a movie.

6. Flasher – Larry Craig can safely use their public restrooms.

5. Napoleon – Everyone’s favorite Brandy

4. Hope – If a North Dakotan is ever elected President, they will probably claim to be from here.

3. Buxton – Heh, heh, Buxton

2. New Town – “What shall we name our new town? Hey wait a minute …”

1. Zap


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