Friday, December 07, 2007

Let’s Go Snub Al

Nobel … check.
Oscar … check.
Emmy … check.
But there is a Grammy sized hole on Al Gore’s mantel and it won’t be filled this year.

Al’s lack of a Grammy is even more surprising when you consider that unlike the Emmys, which had to create a weird new category to show their love for Al, the Grammys already have a category they use to honor their favorite liberal Democrats: Best Spoken Word Album. Here are the past four winners:
2006: Jimmy Carter
2005: Barack Obama
2004: Bill Clinton
2003: Al Franken

And this year’s nominees for Best Spoken Album are:
Barack Obama
Maya Angelou
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter
Alan Alda

I don’t know if it is bitterness by Grammy voters who weren’t invited to play at Live Aid or if they’re still upset about Tipper’s campaign against naughty lyrics. Maybe they just hate Mother Earth. But one thing is certain: Grammy doesn’t love Al.


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