Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Ron Paul Only Won Ten Percent Of The Vote In New Hampshire

11. Bad name association: most people know at least one "Paul" they don't like

10. Fluoridated drinking water impaired judgment of most New Hampshire voters

9. Reports of black helicopters circling polling places kept many of his supporters away

8. Vox Day endorsement not as influential as RT Rybak's

7. Not enough of his core base of Jewish and African-American voters in New Hampshire

6. Scared voters by vowing to hold them to their state motto "Live Free or Die"

5. His supporters were too busy hording their gold

4. His supporters didn't stalk and harass the media enough

3. Last minute disclosure of old letters from John Cheever where they discussed a relationship

2. Lost the cranky old coot vote to John McCain

1. Most of his supporters stayed home because there is nothing in the Constitution about primary elections