Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Top 11 Barack Obama Excuses for Losing the New Hampshire Primary

11. Hillary cast a spell over the voters

10. Obama didn't cry enough; plans emotional breakdown in South Carolina this weekend

9. The Nihilist’s mean spirited post calling Hillary a “Mean Old Bitch” generated sympathy for her

8. Voters were tired of Obama and wanted a change

7. New Hampshire has always been the most racist state in the union

6. Success of Clinton’s last minute telephone campaign: “Go ahead and vote for Obama – if you want to wind up like Vince Foster”

5. New Hampshire isn't gritty and urban, like Iowa

4. The media was too tough on him

3. Losing to a girl will help him with feminist voters later

2. In hindsight, concentrating on winning the junior high vote probably not such a good idea

1. Obama discovered that a man can never win an argument or a primary once the tears start flowing


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