Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cynical Vikings Guy: The Seahawks Were Robbed

SISYPHUS NOTES: I have received the following from our favorite Green Bay Packers fan, Cynical Vikings Guy:

As I have noted before in this blog, I have been a fan of the storied Green Bay Packers franchise my entire life. That is why it saddens me that my team has made a mockery of the NFL playoffs at the expense of the Seattle Seahawks.

The NFL entrusted us with hosting an NFC playoff game, trusting that we would provide a playable field, and we failed them. The only sports meant to be played on snow are skiing, biathlon, and snowmobiling. If Football were meant to be played in the snow, it would be played in Canada and not played in Florida and Texas. We Packer fans deserve some of the blame for not insisting long ago that Lambeau Field be dynamited and replaced with a dome. When we made the playoffs, the front office should have made a few calls to Ford Field or the Metrodome so the playoff could be played under fair conditions.

Sadly, we were unable to provide a playable field and thus the only fair thing to do is to forfeit the game. The Seahawks were forced to wear white uniforms that were nearly invisible in the snow, giving them an unfair disadvantage in the passing game. I ask all honorable Packer fans to join me in asking the league to award the Seahawks our spot in the NFC Championship game, especially now that the Giant’s have defeated the Cowboys.

Please NFL; stop us before we destroy the integrity of the game again!


Anonymous jughead said...

I would agree with you if I thought the 'hawks would not completely embarrass themselves in the championship. In addition, the thought of hosting an NFC Championship in either Giants Stadium or that spaceship in Seattle turns my stomach.

The forecast for Lambeau next week is 7 degrees!! Stock up on chemical hand warmers!

8:04 PM  

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