Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top 11 Reasons The Minnesota Twins Traded Johan Santana

11. Their AA affiliate was desperate for pitching

10. Since they already got a publicly financed stadium, they felt no need to field a good team anymore

9. Afraid Hugo Chavez would nationalize him

8. Santana pitched in too many boring low scoring games

7. No space left in team trophy case to hold any more Cy Young Awards or World Series trophies

6. Didn't make enough money on $15 Joe Mauer autographs at Twins Fest

5. Got caught up in Barack Obama's hype about change

4. Felt peer pressured to give up the best player in the league by their buddies in the Vikings (Randy Moss) and Timberwolves (Kevin Garnett) back offices

3. Massive cost overruns from their architectural firms bar tab

2. Wanted to rehash the "Get To Know 'Em" ad campaign and needed some new unknowns

1. Carl Pohlad is a cheap bastard


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