Sunday, January 27, 2008

He's Kind of a Big Deal

Mitt Romney can rest easy with the knowledge that he has Captain Ed's endorsement. What could possibly stop him now? Naturally, Hugh Hewitt approves. One wonders how Obama, Clinton, Edwards, McCain, Guiliani and Huckabee can go on in the wake of this news.

This couldn't come at a worse time for this blog, as we were just about to make an endorsement of our own. But Captain Ed pretty much overshadows anything we can do. His endorsement will literally influence dozens of voters in Republican primaries over the next few weeks. Given his nod to Romney, we will have to re-evaluate our position. I wonder who Gnat will endorse.

Inside sources that prefer not to be named say that Gnat likes Romney too. They have a quote from her suggesting that although his style is a bit dry, he is fresh and new and will provide needed change.

Sources retract the last update about Gnat's endorsement of Romney. It turns out that after playing in the wet snow, she just wanted to change into fresh new dry mittens.


Anonymous Fuzzy Nietzsche said...

Any word on which way Jasper is leaning?

10:03 PM  

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