Friday, April 06, 2007

Top 11 Reasons These Men Are Smiling and Laughing

11) Proud that they held out for thirty-seven minutes before turning for the Iranians

10) They were told they would be served Yellowcake

9) They've been upgraded to business class on Ayatollah Airlines for their flight out

8) They were told getting called "sniveling infidel dog" is a high compliment in Iran

7) MTV signed them all to appear in The Real World Baghdad

6) Rosie has invited them all to be guest hosts on "The View"

5) They've been offered fat contracts by the French Navy to teach their sailors how to surrender

4) Iranian dental care much better than they're used to in England

3) Iranian food much better than they're used to in England

2) Iranian brand of Islam much less radical than they're used to in England

1) They know they are 431 days better off than if Jimmy Carter ran their country


Blogger Jack Lacton said...

Good one. Well done.

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