Friday, March 02, 2007

Top 11 Reasons Hillary Clinton Had her 1965 Senior Thesis Suppressed

11. Thesis details complicated scheme to get rich in cattle futures trading

10. She declared that her favorite Beatle was “Wingo” [sic]

9. Entire thesis essentially boils down to the question, "Do my calves look fat?"

8. Predicted that the Twins would sweep the Dodgers in the ’65 World Series because
“Sandy Koufax is an overrated neo-con”

7. She serial plagiarized Henrik Hertzberg columns

6. Ranted on for three pages on how Richard Feynman didn’t deserve to win a
share of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics

5. The chapter entitled “Machiavelli Was A Big Wussy Girly-Man Wimp”

4. Contains the statement that any woman who doesn't leave a cheating spouse does lasting and permanent damage to the women's movement.

3. In intro, she declares her unqualified support for Vietnam War effort

2. Denounced anyone who didn’t believe the self-evident truth of Global Cooling
as the equivalent of a holocaust denier

1. Made the case why any Democrat must vote for a black man over a white woman


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