Monday, June 11, 2007

The Presidential Candidates Comment On The Sopranos

11. Hillary Clinton - Tony Soprano is not a role model like Murphy Brown

10. John McCain - As a maverick, I liked the ending and I think Paris Hilton is innocent too

9. Mitt Romney - The Sopranos is on past my bedtime, so I don't watch it

8. John Edwards - There clearly are two Americas: those who work hard, play by the rules and want a good conclusion to The Sopranos and the rich barons who pass off the last episode is quality TV

7. Bill Richardson said something incoherent

6. Joe Biden - Some Italian Americans are clean and articulate

5. Mike Huckabee/Tommy Thompson - No one gives a crap about our opinions anyway

4. Barak Obama - Tony Soprano commits violence but there is another kind of violence too, the foisting of this finale upon the American public

3. Ron Paul - On my planet we don't watch HBO

2. Rudy Guiliani - I put guys like Tony Soprano in prison

1. Fred Thompson - My TV character put guys like Tony in prison


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