Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top 11 Things That The Minnesota Independent's Molly Priesmeyer Will Be Covering Next In Her Role As Consumer Affairs Reporter


11. Why having smelly employees keeps prices down at The Wedge

10. Which local dentists can keep you from looking like John McCain

9. The suction power at local abortion providers

8. The effectiveness of local resume writing and job placement services

7. The softness of the mattresses at area homeless shelters

6. Whether local convenience stores accept food stamps for cigarettes

5. Rating the Ramen Noodles flavors

4. How much a "consumer affair" will run a guy down on Larpenter

3. The greenest jails in the Twin Cities

2. The aromatic quality of the urine that RNC protesters are stockpiling to throw at the police

1. The awesomeness of local puppetry


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