Friday, October 13, 2006

Top 11 Songs from Wellstone! the Musical

You've read the book, you've seen the movie, you've attended the camp, we hope you're not the guy who taught at the school ... and now it's time to see the musical.

Yes, Wellstone! the Musical has opened to predictably rave reviews among the local thespian set. Not surprising, since I believe Wellstone! advocated for marriage rights for thespians. If you count your self among that crowd and flock down to the Great American History Theater to see St. Paul Wellstone in all his gauzy, hagiographied glory, here are the top 11 songs you might be tapping your toes to:

11) Be the Change*

10) Let Us Rise Up and Sing*

9) Hard Times Coming Our Way*

8) There's No Ism Like Socialism

7) Tax-a-lot!

6) I'm Dreaming of a Rainbow Holiday Season

5) To Appease the Impossible Appeasement

4) Whatever Labor Wants, Labor Gets

3) One (Vote against 99)

2) I'm Gonna Wash That Coleman Right Out of My Hair

1) I Could Have Redistributed Wealth All Night

*actual songs


Blogger Just Me said...

Darn ! And I was so hoping that they would perform "The Liberal and the Ultra-Liberal Should Be Friends"...

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Louis Jordan said...

"There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickenshits"

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget Team America's "Everyone Has AIDS"

3:54 PM  
Blogger Night Writer said...

"Paul Wellstone, Superstar!"

Exit, stage Left...

5:49 PM  
Anonymous John F Not Kerry said...

"It is Well(stone) With My Soul"

8:53 PM  

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