Friday, October 06, 2006

Top 11 Things That Atomizer Could Have Bought Instead Of Twins Playoff Tickets

By now, you've all probably heard that the "Domefield advantage" supposedly enjoyed by the Twins has been anything but in recent years during the playoffs. In fact, with the game one and game two losses to Oakland, the Twins have now lost seven straight playoff games at home dating back to game two of the 2002 ALCS.

One of our acquaintances from the world of blogging, Atomizer from the deservedly obscure blog "Fraters Libertas," has had the misfortune of having personally attended six of these games. We were discussing this around the NIGP water cooler the other day and wondering how much the poor sap had laid out over the years to see his team in the playoffs only to be end up bitter and disappointed.

We conservatively estimate that the cost was somewher around $650 and present the Top 11 Things That Atomizer Could Have Bought Instead Of Twins Playoff Tickets:

11. Sixteen 1.75 liter bottles of Bombay Sapphire

10. Admission to every town ball game in Red Wing for three years

9. Sixty-five Cobb salads at Keegan's ($9.95 each)

8. Eight months of premium HD cable package so he can watch movies instead of baseball

7. Fifty-four twelve-packs of Summit

6. Eighty-three copies of Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance

5. 144 packs of cigarettes (at $4.50 a pack)

4. 13,000 paper bags to wear over his head

3. $650 worth of stocks (with a 12% annual return--admittedly very good--he could have approximately $20,000 in 30 years)

2. 656 punk songs from I-Tunes (99 cents each)

1. A trip to Oakland to see the Twins actually win a playoff game


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