Monday, October 09, 2006

Top 11 Democratic Reponses To The North Korean Atomic Bomb Test

11. “Karl Rove engineered this to distract from the Foley scandal.”

10. “There was no nuclear test; Dick Cheney planted the TNT – just like he did on 9-11.”

9. “This is what happens when you fail to follow the wisdom Clinton and Carter.”

8. “At least North Korea isn’t covering up inappropriate Instant Messages to pages.”

6. “There was no test. The seismic activity coincided with Ted Kennedy’s and Dennis Hastert’s annual sumo wrestling match.”

7. “The seismic activity was caused by Global Warming”

5. “Yeah, yeah, nuke tests are bad. Now let’s move on to something important, like finding a way to protect our children from gay Republican Congressmen.”

4. “I demand a full investigation into whether Foley IM’d Kim Jong Il.”

3. “If this keeps us from retaking the House and Senate, Kim Jong Il will have finally gone too far!”

2. “If we would have set up midnight basketball leagues in North Korea, their scientists would have had something to do besides build nukes.”

1. “It’s the Foley scandal, stupid!”


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