Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top 11 Off-Ice Seminars At The Boogaard’s Hockey Fighting Camp

Minnesota Wild enforcer Derek Boogaard and his brother have opened a hockey fighting camp. Not all of it is on the ice, there is also classroom instruction. Here are the top 11 off-ice seminars at the Boogaard’s hockey fighting camp:

11. Case Study: Neal Broten vs. Wayne Gretzky – What Not to Do in a Hockey Fight

10. Scoring the Occasional Goal and Other Ways to Kill Time between Fights

9. Take That Osama! – Using Visualization

8. “Putting on the Foil” and Other Fighting Myths

7. The Liberal Approach: Allowing Sanctions Time to Work before Dropping the Gloves

6. Advanced Seminar in Getting the Other Guys Jersey over His Head

5. Cat Fight: Dropping the Gloves isn’t Just for Boy’s Hockey Anymore

4. An Introduction to the Hanson Brothers

3. How to Steer a Fight So That You Can Keep Your Best Side to the Camera

2. 101 Ways to Amuse Yourself in the Penalty Box

1. Walter Mondale on the Psychology of Taking a Beating


Anonymous John F Not Kerry said...

The Hatch girls teach young women how to fight without breaking a nail

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