Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It Isn't Easy Being Green

Yahoo has a tool that allows you to calculate your carbon footprint. I filled it out for Al Gore.

Question 1: What kind of building do you live in?

Since mansion isn't a choice, I'll settle for "single family house."

Question 2: How many bedrooms in your home?

It feels safe to say 5 or more.

Question 3: How many people live in your home?

I assumethat Al III is not living at home, though I'm pretty sure he's not yet incarcerated. However, I will will give the Gores credit for a couple of servants. Four in total.

Question 4: What state do you live in?

Washington, DC is probably the right answer, but I will put Tennessee.

Question 5: Do you drive automobiles? What kind? How often?

I'm guessing Al uses limousines. Since that's not a category, I'll choose large car. I'll assume Al puts average mileage on it (8,000 - 16,000 miles).

Final Question: Do you fly? How many short trips? How many cross-country trips? How many overseas trips?

I'll assume Al takes one trip a week. Let's assume 20 short trips per year, 20 cross-country trips and 10 overseas trips. Let's calculate our result:

Ouch! Al creates 140 metric tons of CO2 per year. The normal, everyday "scums" as Al may refer to the rest of us create just under 10 tons per year.

However, Al says he mitigates his CO2 output. And Yahoo's tool offers ways to do that. I'll check that out for Al. Some of the suggestions are probably not likely to apply to Al. I'm guessing his image consultants won't let him air dry his clothes, they'd prefer he dry clean them. Also, he doesn't appear to be participating in "meatless meal day." Finally, I don't see Al schlepping a canvas bag to the grocery store or mowing his lawn with a push-mower. However, I'll be generous and say he cuts CO2 by doing all of the suggestions presented by Yahoo. He could cut his CO2 output by just under 10 metric tons. Then he would be only spewing 13 times as much CO2 as those typical Americans that he loves badgering.


Anonymous Sam Cook said...

If the ad hominim form of argument is acceptable in attacking those promoting global warming awareness, could we not shine the same spotlight on the conservatives of our country?

Example: Newt Gingrich pursued Bill Clinton for the crime of adultery while simultaneously cheating on his own wife. Ted Haggert railed against homosexuality while indulging in Ecstasy and male prostitutes.

Perhaps we could argue about the merits of issues, and not the merits of those presenting the issues.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

Point away. Adultery is wrong whether it's a conservative or a liberal doing it. I think Ted Haggert is scum.

Argue the merits of an issue. But if you are a hypocrite, your argument should not be listened to. However, if you use faulty English and end a sentence with a preposition, you should be forgiven.

10:34 PM  

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