Saturday, June 23, 2007

Top 11 Turn-ons Dean Barclay Left Out of His Profile

Michael Brodkorb at MDE has taken some heat for publishing Dean Barclay's profile. Count those of us at NIGP among those who believe that if you put out embarrasing personal details of your life onto the internet, then you should expect people will mock you for it.

It's not like we want him stoned to death or even arrested. No, the punishment that fits this crime is a good mocking in the form of a top 11 list (or two). Let's get started with the top 11 turn-ons that our former Senator left off his profile:

11. Sex acts involving third parties

10. Time in the steam room with Steve Bosacker

9. Washing cars

8. Campaign finance reform

7. The music of the Starland Vocal Band

6. Pina coladas, walks in the rain, bondage

5. Tax increases

4. Hard core porn so raw it's illegal to send through US Mail

3. Congressional "Franking" privelidge

2. Tyrell's female high school classmates

1. Public humiliation


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