Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top 11 Reasons Hugh Hewitt Has Been Banned From The 2007 Minnesota State Fair

11. He was scaring the carnies

10. Governor Schwarzenegger pleaded with Governor Pawlenty to not allow Hugh to embarrass the entire state of California by losing to the Fraters team in trivia again

9. Polaris and Arctic Cat dealers filed joint petition in order to protect their equipment

8. Copyright infringement over his planned adoption of the nickname Fudge Puppy

7. In past years, he spread panic by running through the poultry barn shouting, "Run for your lives! It's the bird flu!"

6. He has a history of trying to put Princess Kay butter sculpture on his pancakes

5. Hugh dressed in a short-sleeve white shirt and a nametag going from booth to booth asking vendors if they knew the Book of Mormon got annoying

4. Fair official who denied the permit for a "Deep Fried Cheetos" booth had been receiving death threats

3. Fair organizers want to avoid any confusion with Peter Billingsley's appearance at the Grandstand

2. People working in the hog barn complained about his smell

1. Honey has taken out a restraining order on Generalissimo Duane


Anonymous lobster boy said...

The Fair is trying improve its image and get away from sideshow freaks

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Stern Howard said...

After the Don Imus incident, the Fair doesn't want to be associated with "shock jocks"

3:04 PM  
Anonymous The Dutchess said...

Fergie's security people insisted on it

3:05 PM  

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