Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top 11 New Advertsing Slogans For Mattel

11. Lead: It's the new black

10. Lead: It's not just in your house paint anymore

9. Lead: The real ancient Chinese secret

8. If our toys don't kill your kids they will only make them stronger

7. Your daughter will love our new Chinese quality inspector Barbie

6. Safer than a bag of broken glass

5. If you're not completely satisfied, our CEO will off himself

4. The only toys in the world that will protect you during a chest x-ray

3. Keeping the godless Chinese hordes preoccupied with something other than world domination since 1987

2. At least our toys aren't made in North Korea

1. We may not be safe, but we are cheap


Anonymous john f not kerry said...

Lead: Our ancient Chinese secret

12:15 PM  
Anonymous john f not kerry said...

Dang! If I'm gonna be the only commenter, I should read the posts more carefully and not repeat item 9.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what comes from letting a union in.

10:44 AM  
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