Sunday, August 05, 2007

And Now A Word From Kate Parry

One thing all of us hate to do at NIGP is get too serious with a post. Last week's bridge tragedy created ample opportunity to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. However, we understand that is what people expect from us. As the Twin Cities premier right-wing web site (at least in 2006), we would be expected to comment on events. As a humor site, we would be expected to make jokes. And with one of the few eyewitnesses with a perfect view of the event Sisyphus would be expected to report on what he saw.

We dealt with the tragedy by farming out Sisyphus' report to the Fraters, so it would not be confused with one of our benchmark bits, the fake interview/made up eyewitness account. With regard to jokes, none of us felt it appropriate to commence with what M*A*S*H's Father Mulcahey would call our usual "jocularity." Regular readers may not have noticed, as the gap in posting is not unlike our regular summer schedule.

My point is, after an appropriate period we are back with more award winning (at least in 2006) political and social commentary.

One final comment on the events of last week. In times of tragedy such as these, one faces an existential crisis: if Don Shelby is all seeing, all knowing and all powerful and all good (as he insinuates), why does he allow bad things like this to occur?


Anonymous Chad said...

Did you notice Kate took the week off? I think she read Nick Colemans column and decided I don't need this SH!T.

8:26 PM  

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