Friday, July 27, 2007

Helping Brian Lambert Get a Real Job

In a single 650 word post at his Rake magazine media blog about low morale and rumored firings at the Channel 5 KSTP newsroom, Brian Lambert made the following references to the Bush administration:

“OK. Here's a pop quiz. Which of the following headlines strikes you as the most routine, to the point of no longer even being newsworthy?

‘Mideast in Turmoil’
’Bush Says Surge is Working’
’Gonzales Can Not Recall His Own Name’”

“Only Dick Cheney could be as flat out dead wrong as often as Magid Associates and still be getting a check.”

Ratings have cratered to the point where only Bush's and Cheney's are lower.

Come on, Mr. Lambert. How are you going to get a real job at the Minnesota Monitor or the press office of Keith Ellison if you don’t have the guts to really go after the jugular? How about throwing in some Bush-Hitler references, at least?

Here, I’ll get you started:
“Only Bush’s decision to attack the Twin Towers has lowered morale more than KSTPs decision to continue to use Magid Associates.”

Stepping up your rhetoric would so P3WN Bush and before you knew it, George Soros would be at your door with a big check.


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