Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Top 11 Comments Overheard at the Westminster Kennel Club when the Beagle “Uno” won Best in Show

11. How old is Uno in Amy Winehouse years?

10. They only chose a beagle out of sympathy for Charles Schultz.

9. Uno’s coach secretly videotaped the practices of the other dogs.

8. Wow, I can’t believe Hillary lost again.

7. Let me tell ya buuuuurrrrrrpp somethin’ buddy, your dog is the first bbbuuuuuurrrrpp beagle to win in a hundred years and the Pack -*hic*- have won three Super Bowls in that time buuuuuuuuuuurrrp. Go Pack ! Go Favre!

6. And off go the poor losers to Michael Vick's house.

5. This makes Uno the front runner for the Power Line Dog of the Year Award.

4. Uno's juiced! Henry Waxman just subpoenaed him to testify before Congress!

3. Rush endorsed the black lab, Midnight; I guess talk radio really is losing its influence.

2. This is going to kill sales for Hugh Hewitt's new book "A German Shepherd for Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club?"

1. Even he's more conservative than McCain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That little son of a bitch!"

By John F Not Kerry, who does not have a Blogger account and cannot navigate the new system (apparently).

5:08 PM  

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