Thursday, February 07, 2008

HiT Entertainment Considers Lawsuit Against Barack Obama

Unnamed sources have suggested that HiT Entertainment, producers of children's television shows including "Barney", "Thomas & Friends" and "Fireman Sam" are considering a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama. Sources claim that the suit, which has yet to be filed, will allege that the Obama campaign knowingly violated HiT's copyright from the theme song of "Bob the Builder" in his campaign video, "Yes we can."

A press release from the media company is expected to state:

The Obama video clearly infringes on "Bob the Builder's" theme song. The main chorus of Bob's song is, "Can we fix it? Yes we can." Obama seems to have intentionally stolen the second half of the BTB theme chorus. Further, his video suggests he will fix America's problems by working together to get the job done, which are all themes lifted directly from this song.

If we allow this blatant disregard for copywright lawto go unchecked, who knows what will happen next. I shudder to think of Mitt Romney stealing "Fraggle Rock's" theme and advising voters to "dance their cares away."

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton's campaign is expected to comment on the suit against her top rival for her party's presidential nomination:

This is unfortunate, but not surprising. Obama has a track record of cavorting with slum lords, using racially divisive tactics like not dwelling on his race, and fellating Ronald Reagan. It comes as no surprise that he would harm the children of America by stealing the theme song from one of their favorite shows. He is clearly worse than Hitler.


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