Monday, February 04, 2008

Top 11 Obscene Gestures Made by North Dakota Hockey Coach

The Star Tribune reports that the hockey coach of the UND Fighting Sioux brought some typical North Dakota class to the game against the Gophers on Saturday night.

North Dakota men's hockey coach Dave Hakstol has apologized for his actions Saturday during the second period of the Sioux's 1-1 tie with the Gophers at Mariucci Arena.

Hakstol made an obscene gesture in the middle of the penalty-filled game, and it was shown by FSN, televising the game live.

The Star Tribune fails to tell us exactly what that obscene gesture was, which compels us to speculate on Top 11 Obscene Gestures Made by the North Dakota Hockey Coach. (If he even did half these things, I hope he was given a 2 minute bench minor.)

11) Extended middle finger

10) Upward fist thrust

9) Grabbed his crotch

8) Mooned the crowd

7) Pressed hams under plexiglass

6) Skated around the rink bent over with pants around ankles

5) Walked up and down bench like a duck while waving hockey stick between legs like freakishly large phallus

4) Burned the American flag

3) Drowned a bag of fuzzy kittens in Gatorade jug

2) Tore up picture of the Pope while shouting "fight the real enemy!"

1) Heil Hitler salute (thought he was at home in Englestad Arena)


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