Monday, February 11, 2008

Paint it Black, Paint the Pot Black, You Kettle!

Rock and Roll legend Keith Richards has gone on record as telling singer Amy Winehouse to, "get her act together."

Winehouse, 24, has already had a lifetime worth of drug problems including arrests, hospital stays and visa denials. In summary, she is a poor woman's Keith Richards. Hearing Keith Richards suggest that you are a f'd-up druggie must be sobering indeed. I wonder how she will react to this suggestion. My guess is that Richards wasn't really offering advice out of personal concern because reports say that he continued by stating, "apart from that, I have nothing to say to the bitch."

While Keef may be a guitar legend, he's not exactly dealing from a position of moral authority here. Even more bothersome to me is the fact that his bandmate Mick Jagger plays the baby boomer card to criticize Winehouse. Jagger, a long-time drug user turned aged moralist suggested that the younger generation doesn't have the same excuses of the baby boomers, "when we were experimenting with drugs, little was known about the effects."

Yeah, Mick. While there is no doubt that Western governments have become much bigger nanny states since you were a kid, I believe I've seen movies like, "The Man with the Golden Arm," from that era. It was not a secret that drugs are harmful. Please, both of you, save us the preaching and go back to charging $175 a ticket to hear you play "Brown Sugar," your popular song about heroin use, one more time.

Amy Winehouse shook off the criticism (or was that just heroin withdrawl?) and won in five of the six Grammy categories for which she was nominated: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album. The only category she lost was Album of the Year. And no, I don't know what differenciates that category from Record of the Year.

On a personal note, I believe this is the first time I've ever owned a Grammy winning record at the time it won a Grammy.


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