Friday, November 10, 2006

Top 11 Suggestions For Democrats In The Wake Of Their Crushing Election Defeat

Since I listen to Hugh Hewitt a lot, I was convinced that the Republicans would win big in the midterms. Now all of the post-election material I prepared is obsolete. But some of the material is just too killer to throw away, so here are the top 11 suggestions for Democrats in the wake of their crushing defeat:

11. Accuse Rove of manipulating the calendar so that the first Tuesday in November fell as late as possible – allowing Republicans more time to cheat

10. Obviously Ned Lamont wasn’t nutty enough – vow to find even nuttier candidates for the next election cycle

9. Fantasize about how much taxes will be raised when you finally do win an election

8. Tell friends that you just might riot in the streets

7. Whine about Republican cheating

6. Once again, call for the resignation of Cheney and Rumsfeld

5. Whine some more about Republican cheating

4. Go see that movie that fantasizes about the assassination of George W. Bush

3. Vow to drive even more illegal aliens to the polls next time

2. Find a judge who will rule that if the election returns differ from the final StarTribune Minnesota Poll, the Minnesota Poll will take precedence

1. Move to Venezuela


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