Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Nihilist in Golf Pants is the Best Blog to Replace Captain’s Quarters in the Northern Alliance

Captain Ed has announced that he is shutting down his blog, Captain’s Quarters, and moving his blogging to Hot Air. Ed’s move has created a big opportunity – now there is a rare opening in the Northern Alliance. We believe that we are best blog to fill the Captain’s shoes. Here are the top 11 reasons:

11. The Nihilist, like Ed, wears the same unwashed Notre Dame sweatshirt for months at a time

10. Ed brought down the government of Canada; we pledge to bring down the government of Little Canada

9. Ed is known as the nicest blogger in Minnesota; the Nihilist is known as the loudest blogger in Minnesota

8. We would balance the NARN by bringing in Arsenal fans to counteract the loser Everton fans

7. We may not live blog like Captain Ed, but we have live blogged Captain Ed’s live blogs

6. Ed has met Mary Katharine Ham; Sisyphus would like to meet Mary Katharine Ham

5. Having NIGP in the NA will finally give King someone he can look down on

4. We're willing to pretend to like Mitch

3. Sisyphus already has the mandatory tattoo of the Power Line logo on his buttocks

2. We would significantly beef up the NA’s award show coverage

1. There is no way WE’D sell out the Northern Alliance and join a big blog conglomerate


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