Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is 27 Dresses Necessary?

I saw the first half of "27 Dresses" recently. The movie was so sad and makes me so angry. Why can't Katherine Heigl find a man? She seems like a nice person and she's such a good friend to other women and she's always a bridesmaid for them and men are such jerks and life is so unfair! At least that's what I got out of the movie, before I got depressed and left.

Of course, the movie is completely unrealistic. It opens with Heigl as the maid of honor at two different weddings on the same night. Right. Let's suspend disbelief: one good friend that you went to school with gets married on the same night as a good friend from work. Neither has a sister who would naturally get the job as maid of honor. When the first asks you to be maid of honor, you say yes. OK, no problem yet. However, here is my play on how the second invite would go:

Bride to be: I'm getting married!

Katherine Heigl: Oh my God!

B2B: Would you be my maid of honor?

KH: Oh my God! Yes!

B2B: I'm so excited. We have so much to do before September!

KH: Oh my God! September? What day in September?

B2B: The 13th!*

KH: Like, I'm so honored and we can make it work. But, oh my God, I already told my sorority sister Josie I'd be maid of honor at her wedding that day!

B2B: But it's my day. You like Josie better than me!

KH: Like, I can do both.

B2B: Drop dead, bitch!

Then there is the little plot issue that poor Katherine can't find love. She's not exactly Maureen Dowd. She's still in her 20's. She's attractive. And she obviously has a good social network or she wouldn't be invited to be a bridesmaid 27 times.

I left the movie in hope that Heigl's character would become a bitter old spinster like Maureen Dowd (and after deciding she wasn't likely to show off her tatas). Unfortunately, I know the Julia Roberts style ending would be what Hollywood had in store. I'm willing to bet she found the love for which she was searching. For her sake, I hope this guy looks better than Seth Rogan.

* Date in 2008 of Notre Dame versus Michigan football game. Do not invite the Nihilist to any weddings this day.


Blogger jroosh said...

how did you get roped into watching even the first half of that one?

...along those same lines, might I recommend the first half of Runaway Bride?

License to Wed?

The Wedding Planner?

11:49 AM  
Blogger Leo Pusateri said...

Don't know that it's necissary.

Don't really know that it's necessary, either.

Courtesy of yer freindlee nayborhud spelin cops.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

Ugh! Something didn't look right.

12:24 PM  

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