Sunday, January 23, 2005

Live Blogging Captain Ed’s Steeler’s vs Pats Live Blog

Since I don’t really care who wins the Steeler’s vs Pats game, I’ve decided to live blog Steelers fan Captain Ed who is live blogging the game.

5:45 PM: Patriots go up 3-0. The Captain takes a glass half-full attitude by focusing on the fact that the Steeler’s defense held the Pats to only one first down.
5:47 PM: Ed like’s what he sees out of Jerome Bettis in the early going.
5:52 PM: Ed recommends that the Steelers go for it on fourth and one. They do, but don’t make it. Then Ed writes “Dammit, quit listening to me.” Now, Ed doesn’t think Cowher is reading his live blog during the game and taking his advice does he?
5:53 PM: Ed congratulates the Eagles and expresses his wish for an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl. Outreach to Pennsylvania bloggers.
5:56 PM: Uh oh, Pats go up 10-0 on a big pass play. Ed says “Yikes”. Don’t panic yet Ed, still plenty of time left.
6:01 PM: Now Ed tells Cowher not to go for it on fourth and two. Has Ed allowed himself to become overly influenced by the unsuccessful fourth and one attempt?
6:07 PM: Finally the Steelers defense give Ed something to blog happy about. But, Ed isn’t satisfied, now he wants points.
6:12 PM: 10-3 Steelers get a field goal, but Ed is still worried about Roethlisberger.
6:22 PM: Ed is still happy with the defense. He recommends more passing on first down.
6:24 PM: Ed now believes that Cowher is no longer reading his live blog. Could Cowher have switched over to Nihilist in Golf Pants? Bill, if you’re reading this give the George Bush-devil salute the next time the camera pans to you.
6:35 PM: 17-3 Pats score again; Ed says, “… the Pats are playing like champs tonight.” Chin up, Ed.
6:39 PM: Ed wants to know where the Bus is. He doesn’t seem confident in Duce Staley down the stretch.
6:44 PM: 24-3 Pats. Ed reveals that he has been worried about Roethlisberger since Jets game.
6:54 PM: Halftime. Bad news, Ed has to go all the way back to a Notre Dame game from 1977 to come up with a ray of hope.

Ed posts his Carson obituary during halftime. Wow, talk about prolific.

7:11 PM: The Steeler’s defense gives Ed hope early in the third quarter. Ed nixes suggestion to bring in Maddox for Roethlisberger.
7:17 PM: 24-10. Ed is cautiously optimistic after Steeler’s TD. He pronounces them back in the game.
7:30 PM: Ed is correct about the Steeler's fumble recovery getting overturned -- proving that he is not a delusional fan. Ed would not make a very good Packers fan.
7:32 PM: 31-10 Pats. Ed notes the silence of the home crowd.
Pats fans are taunting Ed in his comments -- not very nice!
7:45 PM: Ed interrupts live bloggging to take some phone calls. Don't you people know that Ed is a Steelers fan? Let the guy watch the game. I hope you didn't make him miss the Steeler's TD.

It's now 31-20 and the Steelers are back in it. Is The Captain still on the phone? You could be missing the big comeback.

8:15 PM: The Captain is back, but he is not sounding optimistic.
Ed hasn't mentioned how cute Bonnie Bernstein looks in her winter gear. I guarantee you that David Strom would have.
8:28 PM: Ed is sounding defeatist, and I can't blame him. He credits Tom Brady, not Corey Dillon.
8:35 PM: 41-20. Ed concedes the game (and even declares the Pats Super Bowl champs) even though there is more than two seconds left -- it's a good thing that Ed isn't randy Moss or he'd be getting ripped up and down for that.
8:43 PM: 41-27. Ed takes the garbage-time TD as a sign that Roethlisberger didn't lay down.
Ed's wrap-up is cautiously optimistic about next year.

Well, Ed got over the defeat pretty quick. He already has a new non-football post up.

My Wrap-up: I didn't care who won this game going in, but Captain Ed won me over and I was rooting for a Pittsburgh comeback. Sorry Cap, if it's any consolation, a lot of us around here know what it's like for your team to go 15-1 in the regular season only to lose in the conference finals.


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