Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Al Franken Failed to Pay Workers Comp for his Campaign Employees

11. When he beats his employees, he intends for them to stay beaten

10. Believes that laughter is the best medicine and provided them free "Best of SNL" DVDs

9. Thought everyone understood that his campaign is just a comedy bit

8. Instead of money, insisted on paying premiums with Air America Radio merchandise

7. Franken planned to ship any injured worker to Cuba where they can get better health care for free

6. Warming up to screw over the taxpayers of America by first screwing his employees

5. His success in show business has led him to believe people like to suffer

4. Didn’t know illegal aliens were even eligible for workers comp

3. Couldn’t find a charity for disadvantaged children to borrow money from interest free

2. Read Michael Moore's "Cold-hearted Business Practices For Leftist Dummies"

1. He asked himself, What Would Wellstone Do?


Anonymous GT Robko said...

This is lame. I can't believe sophisticated people like the readers of Minnesota Monitor and Rake Magazine would waste their time with such tripe!

2:51 PM  
Anonymous john f not kerry said...

That last comment was lame. I can't believe readers of the Minnesota Monitor or the Rake would be caught dead reading this site.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Cash N. Carey said...

Even funnier than usual NIGP! What would Wellstone do? Ha!

7:45 PM  
Blogger jroosh said...

1. He asked himself, What Would Wellstone Do?


9:44 AM  

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