Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hillary On Obama: The Sherrif is a . . .

The Hillary Clinton campaign has taken some heat for this ad, as many find it laughable that people would want her answering the phone in a national emergency. But I'd ask you to put on your conspiracy colored glasses and look again. Freeze the screen eleven seconds into the commercial, right after the announcer says, "there's a phone in the White House and it's ringing . Somethings happening in the world. Your vote will decide who answers that call." Now look at the child's pajamas at the left edge of the screen. The letters N-I-G are prominently displayed.

I'm sure that Hillary's operatives will suggest that the pajamas merely say "Good Night." That the lettering is an unfortunate coincidence. But haven't we learned that anytime anything could possibly be explained by racism, then racism must be the answer. I think the Democratic Party has pretty clearly taught us that.

Shame on you Hillary. A thousand times shame!

UPDATE: An e-mailer suggests that Hillary's prominently displaying NIG in her ad could be construed a different way. Perhaps she is endorsing her favorite blog. Hillary needs to learn that Golfpants is two words, not one.


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