Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Top 11 Things That Governor Pawlenty Will Bring Up When He Meets With Barack Obama Today

11. Ask for a federal bailout of the struggling Minnesota hotdish industry

10. Ask Obama to issue an executive order rescinding all the honorary titles that Hugh Hewitt has badgered the Governor into giving him over the years

9. Let Obama in on the secret of raising "fees" instead of taxes

8. Invite him to try out for “The Amazing Race” together

7. Ask Obama if he's willing to lay his hands on Marian Gaborik to heal his chronic groin injury

6. Present the President-elect with Charles Tillman's jock which was left on the Metrodome field Sunday night

5. Inquire on making the Larry Craig bathroom stall at MSP Airport a National Monument

4. Find out what Oprah’s really like

3. Check on Jeremiah Wright's availability for singing national anthem at a future Wild game

2. Request additional federal assistance in securing Minnesota's southern border to limit the influx of rutting Iowans

1. Ask for pardon for taking David Strom's No New Tax Pledge in 2002


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"Did you have your ears surgically enhanced?"

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