Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Over the last four years, the left in America has gone insane in their criticism of George W. Bush. I am speaking specifically of MoveOn.org, the Daily Kos crowd, Keith Olberman, and many other internet crazies. Always class warriors, they started by proclaiming his tax cuts for all American taxpayers as favoring the rich at the expense of the poor.

The real insanity, however, was in regard to the war in Iraq. Proclaimed a quagmire before it had begun, the war was unlike any America had ever seen. It featured slow progress which frustrated the impatient American people, who are used to their fries with that NOW!

So as the war drew on, the left began throwing out their claims: "we're just going over there to take their oil", "Bush lied about the evidence", and the most ridiculous "he said Saddam was behind 9/11."

Speaking of 9/11, it took a little while, but the completely batshit insane have finally convinced a not so small subset of the American people (and a larger subset of the world) that Bush, rather than the obvious culprits, was the real mastermind of the attacks of that day.

It seemed like smearing Bush was more important to these people than constructing an agenda to improve America. It seemed like insulting and angering those that they disagree with was more important than enacting legislation with a President who clearly demonstrated a willingness to work in a bipartisan fashion (see the clearly bipartisan support for the Iraq war, Medicare modernization and the financial bailout as examples).

And now the GW Bush era is over. In January, Barak Obama will take over as President of the United States and he will have an overwhelming majority of Congress available to advance his agenda, which I do not believe is that of the insane Bush haters.

Now we conservatives are free to adapt the tactics of the left, to abandon reason and make inflammatory proclamations with regard to our new chief executive.

I want to be first. I want to say something so antithetical to the beliefs of the MoveOn, Kos, Olberman nuts that it will give them a taste of what they put us through for eight years. Here goes.

Tonight I say a PRAYER for our new President-elect, Barak Obama. I hope GOD will guide his decisions and give him the strength and wisdom to lead America forward. I also PRAY for our leaders in Congress, that GOD may watch over them too. I realize that this may be too much for the nuts to bear, but tonight I PRAY for them too. To paraphrase Jeramiah Wright (sort of):

GOD bless America? Yeah, what the heck! GOD bless America!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

firstly, you're an idiot, like most Republicans.

Secondly,eat it. Seriously. See how you like 8 years of abuse. You're about to get some.

4:28 PM  

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