Friday, October 17, 2008

Rockers Against McCain

Jon Bon Jovi recently spoke out against the use of his band's song, 'Who Says You Can't Go Home' at rallies for McCain's presidential campaign. While Bon Jovi has not threatened legal action, he clearly expressed his disapproval of the McCain campaign's use of his song.

"We are surprised to hear that our song 'Who Says You Can't Go Home' was used by the McCain campaign at rallies yesterday and today," the rocker said in a statement. "We wrote this song as a thank you to those who have supported us over the past 25 years, despite the fact that our music really sucks. The entire band feels that a presidential campaign shouldn't co opt our music to promote their political ideology. There are so many great American songwriters. Cole Porter, George Gershwin, why would they use this shit sandwich that is 'Who Says You Can't Go Home?'"

Bon Jovi is in good company among the wuss rock elite. Recently the band Heart objected to McCain's running mate Sarah Palin's use of their anthem to suck, "Barracuda," at the Republican National Convention.

"Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have informed the McCain/Palin Campaign that Universal Music Publishing and Sony BMG have sent a cease-and-desist notice to not use one of Heart's craptastic songs 'Barracuda', as the congratulatory theme for Sarah Palin. We, well really just Ann, are very jealous of the fact that Governor Palin has kept her figure well past the age that we, again just Ann, has ballooned into a slightly less attractive twin of Captain Lou Albano. Governor Palin's attractiveness is an affront to all women who have let themselves go and we will not stand for it."

Not all wuss rockers feel the same as Bon Jovi and Heart. Sammy Hagar, who presided over the decline of once listenable Van Halen, seemed downright giddy that the Republican hopefuls have co opted the anthem to mediocrity, "Right Now."

"When I wrote the lyrics to ‘Right Now’ I intended them to inspire people to not sit around and mope because they didn't have half the talent or voice of David Lee Roth, but to go out and get it — to make a change however they needed to. Whether it was McCain who used the song or if Obama had chosen to use the song, I'm just thrilled that someone remembers something I recorded."


Blogger John F Not Kerry said...

What a bunch of hypocrites. You know that if The One wanted use a Heart or Bon Jovi song they would have probably paid him. I remember watching some Heart videos in the 80's, and chuckled whenever the fat one was all blurry while the rest of the band members were not. Personally, I loved Heart's music before that stupid song about screwing a hitcher just to get pregnant. Bon Jovi's best song was his first, Runaway. It was all downhill after that.

6:56 PM  

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