Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Top 11 Company Secrets Par Ridder Had In His Pioneer Press Laptop

11. Craig Westover’s backdated stock options

10. Increasingly desperate series of e-mails from Brian Lambert begging to come back

9. A collection of Glenda Holste’s best columns – EVER!!!

8. The planned hiding place of the next Winter Carnival medallion

7. Three years of statistics proving that he is awesome at spider solitaire and free cell

6. Surveillance camera footage of Laura Billings and Nick Coleman’s conceiving their first child

5. List of staffers who didn’t attend MoveOn.org events in 2004

4. Ed Lotterman’s copy of “Das Kapital”

3. Number of shots Vicki Gowler can do in an hour

2. Evidence that former editorial page editor Mark Yost may have at one time lived in Brooklyn

1. An Adobe photo of an actual Pulitzer Prize


Blogger Bike Bubba said...

What's the story on Coleman? I take it that he's on wife #2 after being found en flagrante delicto with #1?

1:21 PM  

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