Monday, June 09, 2008

Top 11 Things Al Franken Did After Getting The DFL Senate Endorsement

11. Watched “The Accused” to get some new joke ideas

10. Auditioned for role of Elmer Fudd in upcoming Looney Tunes movie

9. Sampled the wild Rochester night life

8. Announced that Jack Nelson Pallmeyer was now officially his bitch

7. Called Ben Stein to ask for some more of his money

6. Discovered that a more successful comedian (Horatio Sans?) had stolen his cocaine

5. Submitted a new piece to Penthouse Letters

4. Asked Barack Obama for list of states 51 through 57 so that he could make sure he avoided paying taxes in them as well

3. Called up his Hollywood pals and shared a laugh at how Minnesota rubes will vote for anyone

2. Egged Betty McCollum’s house

1. Wrote a brilliant satire about his fantasy of drugging and molesting Lori Sturdevant


Blogger John F Not Kerry said...

Sent a thank-you note to the Boys and Girls Club for their "campaign contribution"

10:15 PM  

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