Monday, June 09, 2008

The Blog House’s Best Right Wing Blog in the Twin Cities

Of late, there has been a cloud over the Twin Cities blogoshphere: we are lacking an award for the best local right wing blog. There used to be two: The City Pages Best Right-Wing Blog of the Twin Cities and our own Rock Solid in the Blogosophere.

We had to discontinue the Rock Solid in the Blogosphere award. Rock Solid winners, with no more worlds to conquer, just seemed to drift away and stop blogging (the exception being the lawyers who’ve won the award – their huge egos no doubt kept them in the game).

Then this spring, City Pages stopped giving out its Twin Cities Right Wing Blog of the Year of the award, leaving us with no left-wing media-endorsed right-wing blogger.

Now the void is filled. For a couple of years or so, the Star Tribune’s Tim O’Brien has been gathering the best of the blogosphere into a weekly column. I took it upon myself to tabulate Blog House mentions over the past year to determine which blog is the Blog House’s Best Right Wing Blog in the Twin Cities.

Over the last year (June 9, 2007 through June 4, 2008) there have been 48 Blog House columns quoting 138 different blogs. Over that period, here are the most quoted blogs:

1. Andrew Sullivan 22

2. The Corner 17

3. MN Publius 15

4. Captains Quarters (now defunct) 13

Josh Marshall 13

6. America Blog 12

7. Marc Ambinder 10

8. The Plank 9

Red State 9

10. Nihilist in Golf Pants 8

Huffington Post 8

Political Animal 8

Truth vs. Machine 8

14. Eric Black Ink 7

Michelle Malkin 7

Right Wing News 7

17. Daily Kos 6

Taylor Marsh 6

19. Mathew Yglesias 5

Residual Forces 5

Swampland 5

Other Notables:

27. Hugh Hewitt 3

27. Minnesota Monitor 3

34. Blog of the Moderate Left 2

34. Cucking Stool 2

34. Ecker Net 2

34. MN Democrats Exposed 2

51. Bogus Gold 1

51. Centrisity 1

51. Instapundit 1

51. True North 1

51. Lambert to Slaughter 1

51. Norwegianity 1

51. Fraters Libertas 1

51. Kool-Aid Report 1

51. Power Line 1

Other Receiving No Blog House Mention:

Shot in the Dark 0 (none)

Wow! The winner is us! This proves that our 2006 City Pages award was not a fluke! We would like to thank Captain Ed for shutting down Captains Quarters and making it possible for us to win this award. We would also like to acknowledge Truth vs. Machine, who technically tied us, but we decided to claim the award for ourselves alone because most of the Truth vs. Machine mentions were probably disapproving. Finally thanks to Tim O’Brien. We will try to be worthy of this honor.


Blogger John F Not Kerry said...

Imagine how much exposure you could get if you ever posted anything!

8:18 PM  
Blogger R-Five said...

Hey, I got ignored, too!

Mitch's SOTD generates so many annoying popups that even the Blog House gave up.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there really anyone who gives a shit about what Sarah Palin looks like on the cover of a magazine!
Clearly, there are alot of people who need to pull their heads out of their asses. Morons!

10:35 AM  

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