Sunday, March 04, 2007

Top 11 Digitally Enhanced Baseball Cards

This is the 2007 Derek Jeter baseball card published by Topps. Upon close inspection, you can see that a George W. Bush has been digitally added into the crowd and Yankee legend Mickey Mantle has likewise been added in the dugout. It turns out this was the doing of some trickster at Topps, and the additions made it past the editors and into print. Here are the top 11 other digital enhancements to Topps 2007 set of baseball cards:

11. Sid Hartman literally kissing Joe Mauer's ass

10. Cy Young spinning in his grave as Carlos Silva throws a fat pitch

9. Kevin Costner sneaking out of the stadium with Cal Ripkin's wife on the Cal Ripkin Hall of Fame card

8. Atomizer's beet red face in background as Rondell White meekly grounds out to first (may not actually be an enhancement)

7. Dan Gladden beating the tar out of Steve Lombardozzi in the Minnesota Twins 20th Anniversary Wolrd Series Champions card

6. Cast of TV's "ER" waiting for Mark Prior's next injury

5. Colonel Sanders waving a bucket of fried chicken at Matt LeCroy as he takes a called third strike

4. The Hillside Strangler grabbing Alex Rodriguez's throat during a playoff at bat

3. George Steinbrenner yapping at Joe Torre

2. The Villiage People staring disapprovingly at Ozzie Guillen

1. A syringe sticking out of Barry Bonds butt


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul: It's bad enough that you misspelled Joe "Mauer", but your slap in the face of Matt "LeCroy" cannot go unchallenged. I realize that you went to college at a (former) football factory rather than an actual institution of higher learning, but could you at least spell as well as Sid?

9:54 AM  
Blogger Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

Sid has editors. I don't. Consider it fixed.

9:09 PM  

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