Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Top 11 Reasons Democrats Want To Reinstate The Draft

11. Anti-war protests just haven’t been the same without draft cards to burn

10. More troops needed for the upcoming war on global warming

9. Drafting K-Fed may help make him as big as Elvis

8. With the minimum wage hike driving up unemployment, urban poor will have nothing better to do

7. John Kerry swore that if Bush were reelected there would be a draft and they didn’t want to make him a liar

6. Canada needs immigrants

5. Barack Obama can’t challenge Hillary in ’08 if he’s in a foxhole in Afghanistan

4. They need illiterate, uneducated, hopeless losers in the military so it truly lives up to their stereotype

3. Even Democrats would like to see some of these whining hippies try to make it through basic training

2. They want to make Cheney sweat out another deferment

1. Volunteer system under represents those who hate America in the armed forces


Blogger Jeff said...

Regarding #11, flaming draft cards are also needed to light the bras on fire.

10:09 AM  

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