Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Salute to President Carter

We've had a little bit of fun with President Carter today. However, I would like to take a positive look at him, especially in regard to the rabbit incident. For those who don't know what we are talking about, 26 years ago today, President Carter took a brief fishing trip to help him relax. It was a tough time for this country and this president. The Russians had invaded Afghanistan. The Iranians were holding American hostages. Inflation was at double digit levels. The prime interest rate was in the high teens. Disco music was on the airbag's. America as we know it faced a crossroads.

So Carter took a fishing trip. Maybe a little time in the great outdoors could help give him the perspective he needed to do the toughest job in America in one of America's toughest hours. While fishing, Carter claimed he was attacked by a killer rabbit. A struggle ensued, with Carter claiming that he shooed the rabbit away to end the confrontation. However, an unsubstantiated rumor has circulated that Carter beat the tiny animal to death with an oar. When word of this episode got out, Carter became even more of a laughingstock than he had been before.

But should we mock our president for this melee? I think not. Consider the following examples of others in Carter's shoes and their track records. I suggest this will show Carter in a more favorable light:

Example 1 - Elmer Fudd, a character with a record of accomplishment similar to Carter's had several confrontations with one Bugs Bunny. Not only was Fudd unable to defeat his nemesis, he often ended up engaging in homoerotic interspeciel foreplay with the crossdressing Bugs. Carter may have lusted in his heart as he engaged the bunny, but there are no reports on any intimacy with the rabbit. And unlike multiple time loser Fudd, Carter won his battle with the rabbit, securing either retreat or death of his foe. Unfortunately he was far less successful with the Iranians.

Example 2 - According to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" a rabbit killed several of the Knights of the Round Table before King Arthur was able to defeat it by using the "holy hand grenade." Not only did Carter lead an attack with no friendly casualties (again unfortunately unlike his record against the Iranians,) he was able to win without escalating the conflict in the manner of King Arthur.

So think again before you castigate Jimmy Carter for his battle with the killer rabbit.


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