Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Pope is Still Catholic

The mood is somber here at the Nihilist for Pope Headquarters, but not as somber as one might expect. The Nihilist is still in his thirties, making him quite young by Papal standards. After the long reign of John Paul II, the Cardinals seem to have wanted a transitional figure before choosing another long-serving Pope.

We’ve learned a lot and vow to be better prepared for the next conclave (which we hope is many years off). For one thing, we've learned that you really need someone inside the conclave, and to that end Learned Foot has started the campaign to get me my Cardinal’s hat.

We are glad to see that the College of Cardinals has indeed chosen a Catholic for the job, and an anti-sin Catholic at that. Sure, it’s a disappointment to the main stream media, but they’ve got to be getting used to disappointment by now. For most of us, the only downside to Pope Benedict is that we’ll have to continue wiping our hands with those little towelettes to avoid catching the plague during the sign of peace.


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