Monday, April 18, 2005

A Good Sign for Pizzope Nihilist

I know many of you are disappointed that the Nihilist in Golf Pants wasn’t elected Pope on the first ballot (and thus missing his chance to join the prestigious first-ballot Pope club). But this is actually a good sign. The Nihilist is more of a dark horse candidate and thus benefits from the fact that none of the better known contenders have received sufficient support on day one. As the deadlock continues, expect more and more Cardinals to take a long look at the Nihilist’s platform.

In other Papal election news, according to Drudge, Michael Moore is in Rome campaigning to be Pope. I say bring it on, loser (but to be fair, I must admit that Moore’s proposal to change the hosts from unleavened bread to Krisp Kreme’s is not without merit). Oh, and please make a documentary designed to deny the Nihilist the Papacy.


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