Friday, September 02, 2005

Top 11 French Contributions To Hurricane Katrina Relief

11. A supply of white surrender flags that can be used to signal rescue helicopters.
10. A contingent of unemployed “Oil for Food” bureaucrats to help better organize the looters.
9. Cheese that tastes the same whether it is spoiled or not.
8. A shipload of surplus deodorant.
7. An elite team of waiters to sneer at the evacuees’ choice of bottled water.
6. A squad of French Generals willing to share their expertise in retreating from a city.
5. An offer to rename a portion of Paris “The New Orleans Quarter”.
4. Cartons of old Jerry Lewis VHS tapes that can be used to fill in levee breeches.
3. Helpful suggestions like: “Let them drink champagne”.
2. A pledge to release vegetable oil from their strategic reserve to help fuel Jane Fonda’s peace bus.
1. A reminder that they already helped us in the Revolutionary War and gave us the Statue of Liberty.


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