Monday, August 29, 2005

Hello, I'm the Nihilist In Golf Pants

One of the most common questions we get here at NIGP is why does the site use Blogger's default black template. So JB and I set out to explain why with a parody of the Johnny Cash Classic, "Man In Black." Enjoy:

Well you wonder why this site is set in black
Well for one, it's run by a bunch of hacks
Yet the posts always seem to have a cheerful tone
Well there's a reason, just listen while I crow

It's in black so the poor are beaten down
Instead of livin' on my dime out on the town
It's that way for the prisoners who have not paid for their crime
But claim they are a victim of the times

It's in black for the able bodied who have never worked
But expect a handout and all the perks
And then come to rely on government charity
Laughing as they steal money from you and me

Well we're doin' mighty fine I do suppose
But the media says that the economy blows
Because reporting news became a partisan attack,
Out front our "truth to power" web site is black

It's black for the golfers who are rich and old
Whose servants bring hors d'oeuvres a bit too cold
It's set in black to mourn for the fetus lives that could have been
Each day we 'bort a hundred might-have-beens

And it's black for those whose taxes raised
Forgo another cabin, yacht or maid
It's set in black for the Star Trib readers who have cried
That leftist hacks are always telling lies

Well there's things that are actually right I know
Like Nick Coleman losing his awful radio show
But till we can move this state a little further right
You'll never see this site in background white

We could set the background rainbow colors too
But I'd rather not be accosted in the loo
So please take it for what it's worth from one partisan hack
Till things are brighter, we're the site in black


Anonymous site said...

So, I do not really imagine this is likely to have success.

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