Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Top 11 Things That Will Remain The Same At Nihilist In Golf Pants

In this post, Sisyphus lays out the changes you can expect at this site now that we have become part of the mainstream blogosphere. Let me be the first to assure you, most of the things that endear our old readers to us will remain in place, including:

11. Despite the fact that Sisyphus got the big time link, the name of this site will stay "Nihilist in Golf Pants." The Sisyphus in Golf Pants coup was an utter failure.
10. More Top 11 lists, "A Touch of Class," classic rock and country song parodies and other lame benchmark bits
9. Insightful Minnesota Vikings coverage
8. Sisyphus and/or I will continue to be on the winning trivia team at Keegan's Irish Pub most weeks
7. This blog will remain mostly satirical, although occasional attempts at serious punditry may spring up from time to time
6. Other than using "my good friend" to describe other mainstream bloggers, we will mostly ridicule rather than suck up
5. Unyielding hatred of Jimmy Carter and his anti-American actions
4. Inside jokes that only a select few get, especially the mocking of JB Doubtless' pathetic attempts to grow facial hair
3. Unrelenting ridicule of Nick Coleman and his crappy writing
2. Breaking coverage of the OC and the Real World
1. Sisyphus will continue to post funny items, while the Nihilist's posts will be mostly unfunny and venomous attacks


Anonymous Ryan said...

*whew* Good to know the Nick Coleman bashing will continue.

4:24 PM  

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