Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm Trying To Stay Out Of This

Thanks Sisyphus and Learned Foot! Since you two have been reporting on Obnoxious Packer Guy’s (OPG) vigil outside the driveway of Packer’s defensive coordinator Bob Slowik’s driveway, I have been receiving misdirected e-mail meant for them. OPG blames Slowik for the death of the Packers Super Bowl hopes last year at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings.

A letter typical of those supporting OPG comes from a guy calling himself Packer Obsessed Obnoxious Fan (POOF):

OPG is right. The loss to the Vikings in the Playoffs was the wrong game in the wrong week against the wrong team. If Slowik had shown real leadership, the Packers would have won one more game, thus earning a bye in the first round of the playoffs. In their opening game, they would have likely played the Atlanta Falcolns, who attacked and destroyed the Packer’s 2002/2003 season in an unprovoked sneak attack led by Michael Vick. Why were the Packers distracted by the Vikings? We know the Vikings have no weapons of massive scoring. It's been almost a decade since they were a real offensive threat. Because of Slowik, the Packers lost an unnecessary game.

Meanwhile, Packer Impassioned Guy (PIG) disagreew with OPGs tactics, writing:

OPG is spitting on the grave of his beloved Vince Lombardi in this protest. Lombardi joined the Packers of his free will. He dedicated his life to serving them. If OPG really loves Lombardi, he wouldn’t badmouth the team the Lombardi loved (at least before he left for Washington).

I am not sure which side I agree with. All that I know for sure is that Packerland is now a divided state, separated into groups of POOFs and PIGs.


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