Monday, August 15, 2005

Breaking News

The rock is almost up the hill, and this time I’m sure it will stay!
Developing …

UPDATE: $*&#&*%#&%*^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Hannah Allam said...

Hey, guys! Just got back from the pool (sooo hard to keep up one's tan when you have to wear veils all the time) and just wanted to drop you a line to check on the Reporter's Angel shipment. If it's not too late, could you please substitute the soy-milk latte with a raspberry coffee from Caribou? And bran muffins are my favorite. Well, must go and actually work. Sigh. This whole constitution thing. I'll be in Mpls in October with any luck, so find a good karaoke place downtown and let's hang out! :-)

10:26 AM  

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