Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Top 11 Things That Nick Coleman Will Have Time For Now That He Doesn't Have A Radio Show

11. More time to look for a younger wife.

10. More time to chase guys around with his big stick.

9. More time for those late night runs to the White Castle at Lexington and University.

8. More time for Photoshopping images of President Bush.

7. More time to spawn (again).

6. More time to schedule that hip replacement surgery so he can finally pick up Finn.

5. More time to hang around the copy desk in hopes of catching a glimpse of Garrison Keillor handing in his "Old Scout" column.

4. More time to concentrate on winning that Pulitzer.

3. More time to compensate for the lack of love and approval that he received from his father by passionately embracing left wing political causes even more fervently.

2. More time for the volunteer fire patrol at Maxfield School.

1. More time to read blogs.


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