Friday, August 05, 2005

From Dead Man's Curve to Motocross Kid

I made it through the business meeting and safely to the airport in the Jag. I must confess, that once I got the speedometer up to 120, all I could think about was that line from the seminal surf band Jan & Dean's "Dead Man's Curve."

The flight back from Tampa was uneventful, with the strange exception that a family of four sat in the row ahead of me in the first class section. One of the kids had a DVD player and I was treated to a view (due to the difference in reclcline angles between his father and him) of a movie called “Motocross Kids.”

“Motocross Kids” starred a bunch of kids, Lorenzo Lamas, and a chimpanzee. Guess which one was the least convincing actor? However, there was also plenty of room in it for other Hollywood has-beens, including wife-beating Promise Keeper Gary Busey, Phyllis Diller and Dan Haggarty, who still has a beard, meaning he looks nothing like J. B. Doubtless. Of that triumvirate of acting talent, amazingly Phyllis Diller had aged most gracefully.

The movie seemed to keep the attention of the 9 year-old in front of me, and after a few Bombay martini’s I wasn't in the mood to complain either. I arrived home early in the evening and decided to skip trivia at Keegan’s in exchange for quality time with the family.


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