Saturday, July 30, 2005

My Experience With Reporter's Angels

As a charter member of Reporter's Angels, I have been developed a relationship with a major media reporter who was stationed in Baghdad. I won't disclose the reporter's name, I will just call her H.A. Anyway, we've developed a long distance relationship and she is just as interested to learn of us and our ways as we are of her. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail to me:


Interesting to see the spate of parody songs you and your friends have recently been propagating. I've tried my hand with a version of the Johnny Cash classic, "Understand Your Man," at the bottom of this e-mail. Wouldn't it be neat if I could somehow work this into one of my dispatches? Death to America! Oh, and next time send more expensive booze.

"I'm Mainstream Media, Man"

Don't tell me to go outside the Green Zone, you neocon
I would never risk my head.
Don't send Mark Yost to ask me for no real reportin'
My by-line's done, like I said.

I'd rather report the same old things
That I've been sayin' allll along,
Just read my newspaper and keep your mouth shut, I'm not wrong.
Don't ask me for the truth or cry and fuss and moan

I'm mainstream media, man.

Now I don't care 'bout truth and I don't like the Army,
I'd hope they lose their behinds --
I ain't writin' nothin' that'll show there's any progress
I've already made up my mind.

Now, I'm gonna repeat
What I say forever more.
I made up my mind that the U.S. lost this war
Gotta run, I've got an appointment for a pedicure

I'm mainstream media man. Meditate on it --
I'm mainstream media man, I love to do bad-mouthin' --
I'm mainstream media man.


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